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Hope Prepatory School

Hope Prepatory School is a table-top role-playing game setting written and published by John Dunn of Melior Via. Originally designed to be compatible with the Mutants & Masterminds RPG line, HPS has expanded its compatibility with other products such as Icons. HPS is a superhero high-school role-playing setting with a lightly comedic tone. Players take on the role of superhero students and engage in high school antics with a fantasy twist. I worked with John to develop the logo for the setting along with some of the cartography for the product line.


Hope Prepatory School Freshman Handbook [logo design and layout]
#0 Orientation [cartographer]
#1 The Substitute [cartographer]
#2 Halloween Ball [cartographer]


Map of playing fields and pipes between locker rooms


Storage unit and women's dorm

Showcase Lab


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